How Local SEO works to help your small business grow

How Local SEO works to help your small business grow

It is often a daunting task for small businessmen to feature their businesses on the initial pages of popular search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing, for the people to notice them. This is when the Local SEO comes into picture. Local SEO companies help you strengthen your hold in your local area by providing you exposure to more clients. One can find myriads of Local SEO companies that specialize in providing SEO services to their clients. They employ key strategies that come along with an SEO package designed to enhance your ranking in the search engines. A few of these strategies used by these SEO professionals are:

Listing Local websites

After you get in touch with the SEO teams, they take their time to analyse your business and based on that the Local SEO takes help of the local listing websites for optimizing the best local search for your business.  The SEO company also helps you by coming up with strategies that help you increase the ranking of your product or business on these listing sites. For example, when someone will search for an area-specific data related to your business, your business information will get featured as the top results on these websites. We’ve used Tyler Bailey SEO a Toronto SEO Company take a look at their Yelp for more information if you’re interested.

Enhanced online visibility

With the help of this feature, you will get to find that how many local customers have been visiting your website which in a way helps you get an idea of how well your brand is received in the market. One of our favorite tools as well is BrightLocal.

Inbound links

Another important feature provided by the local SEO teams is that of backlinks for your business websites. This is considered an important feature in the long run because search engines make use of backlinks to identify the keywords. Apart from this, various strategies like forum and article submissions, social bookmarking and techniques like branded texts, keyword variations and templates help to get improved results.

Online advertisements

Online advertisement plays a key role in helping your business grow.  Various pay-per-click (PPC) websites have grown very popular due to their ease of use, high ROI and better accessibility and are considered a powerful tool for enhancing your business network.  Various SEO teams help you by providing your business with a geo-targeted-SEO which consists of both focussed and open-ended keywords for your website.

Social media marketing

Social media is an excellent platform for anyone to promote their business as they contain some wide range of features like contests, business forums, paid advertisements etc. By making use of these social media features, one can maximize its utilization of the potential marketing. Creating a Facebook or a twitter page nowadays is also seen as a good marketing strategy as it leads to instant followers and traffic for your page.


In today’s age of social media, promotion and an effective marketing strategy is what it takes to be ahead in the game.  Local SEO providers help you drive a targeted audience towards your website by creating your own business profiles on various websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, twitter. Not only do they help in getting you likes and shares on your products and services, but they serve another advantage. Most Google searches are linked with your social media page which automatically drives the traffic to its respective website. Some amazing video sharing websites like YouTube or Instagram also promote your business by letting you share and upload videos and pictures of your business, products or services.

It is best to get in touch with a local SEO service provider as they help route effective traffic towards your websites, something that many of us can’t.

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